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Petra: The Ancient Rose Red City of Jordan

PetraWith its rose-red walls and dramatic rock-cut architecture, the ancient city of Petra stirs up the imagination of visitors. Thanks to its stunning appearance and archaeological value, Petra has been designated as one of the new Wonders of the World as well as a World Heritage Site. The city is enclosed and protected by immense rocks and is hidden from plain view by some rugged mountains.

Petra was built by Nabataeans, a group of Semites who spoke Aramaic, as the center of their caravan trade. Additionally, it had a strategic location as the Nabataeans were able to control the main commercial routes that passed through the city to Bosra and Damascus in the North, to Aqaba and Leuce Come on the Red Sea, to Gaza in the west, and across the desert to the Persian Gulf. Petra is situated in the desert yet was able to flourish because of the Nabataeans’ ingenious control of its water supply from flash floods and a nearby stream which they controlled to create an artificial oasis. The Nabataeans constructed dams, water conduits, and cisterns, which enabled them to store water during droughts.

Visitors enter Petra either on horseback or by horse-drawn carriage through the Siq, a narrow passage that was naturally formed when the sandstone rocks split. Since the rocks are very high, they form a gorge that helps keep the heat from the sun at bay. At the end of the Siq is Petra’s most famous landmark – the beautiful Al Khazneh (Treasury). Apart from the Treasury, Petra also boasts of tombs and chambers on cliffs as well as an amphitheatre. Besides these, however, there is nothing much inside Petra as its interior is basically a square chamber that was carved into the cliff.

Take Your Stag Party To Riga

Stag20Stag weekends are the time to have the biggest party of your life. After all, you’ll be saying good bye to your days as a single man and be beginning a new life with that special someone. And, if you want to have a really great weekend, you should take your stag party to Riga.

A trip to Riga is like a trip back in time, much of this ancient city has survived through wars and it has a charming old world atmosphere. But, at the same time, the city is full of modern games and fun that will make it an exciting weekend.

You can have a lot of fun on a ATV safari with challenging obstacles and trails, spin around a go-kart track, take a big leap on a bungee jump, or free fly in a flight simulator. And, if you like the water, there’s swimming, jet skiing and canoeing. And, if you love guns, you’d really enjoy taking a shot with an AK-47 and a range of other guns at the shooting range.

When you go to Riga for your stag weekend, you’ll be having a weekend long party. After you’ve had fun all day long, you’ll have lots of clubs to choose from that not only offer icy cold drinks, but also have lots of hot babes that will keep your attention for hours.

Stag Weekends In Krakow Are Great Fun For Everyone

Stag19Being chosen as best man is an honor, it’s a demonstration of just how much your friendship means to the stag. Out of all of his friends, he’s chosen you to stand beside him when he takes that final step to marriage. But, being best man usually means that you’ll be in charge of plans for his stag weekend.

Since you are such close friends, then you’ll probably know his preferences more than anyone else. You’ll know what gives him that rush of adrenaline and know what type of strippers he’d most enjoy. But, since the celebration is actually for everyone involved, it’s a good idea to discuss the plans with the entire group.

While the entire weekend is centered around the stag, you’ll want all of your friends to enjoy the weekend just as much as he does. After all, a stag weekend is a weekend long party and you’ll all need to have a great time to make it a huge success.

If you’re searching for a location to have the weekend, you won’t find a better place than Krakow. Thousands of men have discovered the endless possibilities for fun on a stag weekend in Krakow. There’s just so many different things to do while you’re in Krakow, that the whole group will be sure to have a great time.

Do It All On A Stag Weekend In Budapest

Stag18Why would anyone want to have a stag party when they could have a stag weekend? At a stag party that only lasts a few hours, there’s just no time to have all the fun that you deserve to have before getting married. On a stag weekend you can let go and do it all!

On a stag weekend in Budapest, you can get your adrenalin pumping on a cross country quad ride. There are also several quad tracks if that’s more your style. And, if you just want to have a little fun without the challenge, you and your friends can check out the go kart tracks.

In Budapest, you can blast the day away with a variety of weapons. There are several places where you can target practice, or test your skill at clay pigeon shooting. And, if you really like the big guns, then there’s places where you can shoot an AK47.

You can spend the day exploring some caves and get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful scenery on a parachute jump. And, if you like your activities a little hotter, Budapest is full of hot babes that will entertain you all night long.

Book Your Bratislava Stag Weekend With A Professional

Stag17Planning a stag party can be pretty easy, but planning a stag weekend could take days. You’d need to research all of the local places to make sure that they’re of the highest quality, make lodging reservations and play Russian roulette with the restaurants you choose.

You only get one shot at having the perfect stag weekend. Making even a few wrong choices that have you bored, miserable and wasting time can ruin your whole celebration.  So, why take that chance when you can let a professional make all the plans for you?

All you need to do is to contact a professional tour operator, tell them what types of activities you’d like to do and they handle all the rest. A professional will take care of your travel details, have you and your friends picked up at the airport, make hotel reservations and even advise you where the best restaurants are.

A professional tour operator can make all the plans for a great stag weekend in Bratislava. They can even provide you with discounts and activities that only they have access to. Don’t take the risk of having a stag weekend that you’ll regret. Let a professional make it the perfect stag weekend in Bratislava.